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Song for Tokyo Olympics | Scream For Tokyo by Pacing The Cage

Scream For Tokyo

A Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Anthem

Scream For Tokyo is an Olympic Games Anthem. It is a Pop-laden Rock song which is specifically for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. The song is upbeat, family friendly, positive, motivating, catchy and full of vocal / guitar hooks.

Sounds like: Foo Fighters + Imagine Dragons + The Killers + Bon Jovi

It tells the story of an Olympic athlete’s journey, the spirit of the Games, and the majestic ‘Electric Lady Tokyo’. I am 100% confident that this is the ideal 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games anthem.

"And I scream for Tokyo, I'm in love with this electric lady"

Pacing The Cage controls 100% master & publishing for the song (200%), and can provide quick turnaround clearance. We can provide the song with vocal and instrumental versions in MP3 and WAV formats. Plus as an added bonus, we have a ‘pop/dance remix’ version on its way.

We would love to speak with you about making this song an integral part of your Tokyo 2020 Olympic broadcasting. For any enquiries, please contact Andrew Mullen at [email protected]

Please see below for lyrics

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Scream For Tokyo – Lyrics

Verse 1
Swallowing my fear, looking in the mirror
Behind me, the dust of failure
Ditch my rusty boots, avid in pursuit
The city, my goddess saviour

The Goosebump braille’s a tale in twenty-twenty vision
The backbone chills reveals this liberating ambition

And I scream for Tokyo
I’m in love with this electric lady
And my eyes are burning gold
I’m in love with the majestic, electric lady Tokyo

Verse 2
Strutting on advance, swaying to the chant
Surrounded by breathless faces
Shoulders weigh a tonne, sweating on a gun,
The sound is pixelated

The energy is free as we rise up together
The hearts with nerve deserve this elevated splendour

With centuries of exotic poise
It waltzes with the excited noise
Of ludic monks and footloose punks
A cinematic dream to share

The future lives between the lines
Of Geisha girls and neon signs
A tranquil pool a lotus jewel
The freedom that you get to hear – when I scream