We recently ran a quick little poll on our Facebook Page to see which T-Shirt colour you preferred for our latest new Pacing The Cage T-Shirt design called ‘Tattooed Woman in Cage’. Winning by an astonishing percentage was this rather stunning colour combo – blue t-shirt with red print.

And guess what! You can now get this wonderful item in our store in both Men’s and Women’s styles.

Pacing The Cage T-Shirt

The idea behind this new Pacing The Cage T-Shirt design is to represent the poor treatment of Women in society. It is a woman blindfolded and seemingly crawling like an animal in a cage. Tattooed on her arm is the band name. 

Every T-Shirt is hand printed by Andrew Mullen from the band. Basically, he prints the design onto a transparent film, burns the image from the transparent film onto a silk screen using the power of the sun and the screen develops like an old school photo. He then uses the silk screen like a Banksy template to print onto the T-Shirt. Once dried, the print on the T-Shirt get put under intense heat so that the chemicals can do there thing and bind the print onto the shirt so that when you wash your shirt the print remains!